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Can I call the police officer and ask for the status of their investigation?

Seattle, WA |

My friend has been a victim of cyber harassment and authorities had trace the IP address on the place I am renting. Issued a search warrant and took my computer and hard drive. Its been over a month and haven't heard anything. Can I call the officer and ask for an update? Being involve on a case like this is giving me anxiety, I am not from here and I don't know how the system works. I don't know how it happened and who actually did it. And also I am planning my trip outside US for 2weeks, will this case can affect my plan vacation back home?

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Sure, you can always call the investigating officer and ask for an update. You are not likely to get one, since it sounds like a still on-going investigation, but you can certainly try. Your trip should not present a problem unless you are here outside of legal status or you have been placed on some form of pre-trial supervision (like a bail bond or a pre-trial reporting requirement).

Good luck!


Calling for an update hands the police another opportunity to talk to you. Even if you think your talk will be innocuous, you can be unpleasantly surprised by how your talk will be used against you, with extremely grave consequences to you. A search warrant signifies that you are a suspect. You should not discuss the matter with anyone except a lawyer with whom your communications are legally protected, and this is true even if you have already spoken to police. Your postings on this public site, and all online sites, should end immediately. Consult a lawyer now. Most criminal defense lawyers will give a first consultation without charging a fee. Your confidentiality is protected while trying to find a lawyer, subject to some conditions contained in Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) 1.18 and here's a link to that provision: .

This answer is intended as a courtesy only, and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship between the attorney and the questioner.