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Can I buy a gun in Texas with an Class A Misdemeanor Assault with Bodily Injury?

Fort Worth, TX |

I have been researching the purchase of a gun for home protection in the State of Texas. I know that felons cannot possess arms, nor someone convicted of domestic assault/violence charges. I was convicted of a Class A Misdemeanor Assault with Bodily Injury (Not Domestic) with a max sentence of (1) year that was probated at (1) year. I successfully completed the probationary period and am curious if I am now eligible for the purchase of a firearm.

Also, a second question... My spouse owns a firearm; am I allowed to use her weapon in "the hopefully not needed" event of a break in (Castle Doctrine)?

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter!

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I'm not sure about TX, however, 18 USC section 922, prohibits those convicted of certain domestic violence offenses and offenses carrying punishment in excess of 1 year with possessing a firearm. The Brady Act and Lautenburg Act will provide a federal restriction.

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