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Can I buy a Condo/Towne Home and Rent it being on H1B Visa ?

Atlanta, GA |

I want to buy a foreclosed condo and rent it. Is this permitted on H1B Visa ?

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Purchasing a cond and using it as rental property is equivalent to buying stock and waiting for dividens. Such a purchase is not in violation of your H-1B.


I would say yes, since investing in U.S. real estate property is not an considered an activity "inconsistent" with your H-1B Professional Worker status, provided you continue to maintain valid H-1B status.

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The challenge with any investment is that there are risks. If you lose your H1b position and must leave the U. S., then the investment may prove questionable.

In addition, foreigners often don't qualify for mortgages unless they are lawful permanent residents or naturalized U. S. Citizens.

A false representation on a mortgage form that you are either may indefinitely affect your right to a greencard or visa. It will be important that you carefully read all forms. Perhaps, this may not be such a good idea unless you can pay the entire purchase price.

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I agree with my colleagues.

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So based on Mr. Baher's reply, can I assume that it is completely legal to buy a condo and rent it being on H1B visa ?