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Can i bring claim against police dept. for "excessive force" for being shot w/taser while riding my bike?

Hollywood, FL |

i was riding my bike alongside the sidewalk when a whitemale jumped out of a car pointing a gun/taser at me yelling get down, get down, get down on the ground now! in all honesty, i thought that i was caught up in the middle of something so i made an attempt to shield myself in between two vehicles. by the time i could get off my bike to lay down i was shot in the back w/taser. please explain. thank you.

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It is possible to bring a claim for excessive force that resulted from the use a taser. Whether you have a valid claim, will require a detailed discussion with an attorney as well as a review of the police records regarding the incident.


Whether the force utilized is justified depends upon the facts, and what reasonable suspicion the officer had at the time the force was applied. There is a possible cause of action, but whether there are recoverable damages depends upon your injury or detention. You should discuss the specifics with an attorney to have your question properly answered.

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