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Can I bring a case against Veteran Affairs for malpractice? Or some other claim.

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Injured in combat several discs and other pain and disabling conditions. My MD changed medications with out notifying me. There is documentation that I let them know, and MD stated would correct. This has happened for last 4 months and has caused extra pain and suffering. I have a contract w/ MD and is supposed to inform me of medications changes, increase/decrease. It could have been fatal that my medication was changed. There is a bill of rights with Vet Affairs; states has right to be pain free.

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Medical malpractice claims against the VA may be brought under the Federal Tort Claims Act. A med mal lawyer can have an expert review your medical records to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care. Search Avvo's "find a lawyer" for a med mal lawyer who will investigate your claim. Good luck to you.

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I doubt that any medical malpractice lawyer would undertake your claim. Medical malpractice cases, particularly FTCA case, are difficult and expensive to prosecute. The damages have to be substantial. A four month increase in pain due to a change in medication is not the type of injury that would likely result in any substantial damages award.

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