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Can i break the lease?

Tempe, AZ |

I signed a lease with  apartment complex . However when I
signed the lease they said that I cannot sign a lease unless I signed
the renewal lease. So the lease the original would be 6 months. And
then the renewal that starts in August at higher rate than the
original six months for  one additional year. And if new person came
and signed a lease  for August which when my new lease starts he will
get it at lower rate. Also, they made me pay some fees that i
shouldn't be paying until I discovered it now and then they add it
into my balance. I did not get a chance to see my apartment before I
move in only a module. My apartment is next to the light-rail which is
preventing me from sleeping. I'm trying to break the lease but the
apartment rules states that I have to pay full term.

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Attorney answers 1


The light rail is not sufficient reason to get out of the lease. Your narrative is a bit confusing, but I suspect the only way out of the lease is a fraud in the inducement argument. In other words, they lied to you to get you to sign. But I can't tell from your description whether that is present here.