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Can I break my lease expires in June 2013 because the complex has allowed a conviceted child molester live there

Morristown, NJ |

I have a small child. I decided to rent an apartment in this complex because that they are very strict with tenants. They check criminal and credit background. i have been there almost 3 yrs. recently in dec I signed a holdover agrrenment until June 2013. however I want to live before then. They have allowed a convicted fellow who molested 2 Children. He lives with their parents who are the leaseholders not him. And also I have some much leaks issues n they take week to fix it. So I need to get the hell out of there. What can I do to leave before my lease expires without loosing money?

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As far as the molester situation is concerned it is hard to say. Assuming that the molester is not active in the building, then no. There may be an issue if the molester is not an authorized tenant on the lease, but then you have to obtain a copy of the lease to see. The leaks may present an issue, but the question becomes did you give the LL notice pursuant to the lease and were the repairs effectedin a resonable time