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Can I break my lease due to Mice?

I have been living in my apartment for about 2 months now Its a pretty high end apartment for our area I think there is around 400 apartments or so in total. About 2 or so weeks ago we found that we have Mice in our apartment. We found 1 Dead one in our trash can so we replaced our trash can with one with a Closing lid.

We keep the apartment very clean yet we can not get rid of the mice. WE contacted the landlord they put out sticky traps which did nothing the mice avoided them. Next I emailed them and they sent pest control and put in snap traps we caught 3 more, and yet still have mice, so they came to plug holes about a week ago, we still caught another mouse and are pretty sure there are more, There are mice droppings in the bottom of our stove, they are in our food can I vacate?

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