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Can I break a lease due to severe allergic reactions due to my apartment?

Philadelphia, PA |

I moved into my apartment 2 months ago and I had extremely bad rashes on my extremities to the point where I was scratching until I was bleeding. I went away for the summer and I just returned to my apartment and again I have been having serious allergic reactions--severe rashes and hives. They lessen when I am outside and act up ONLY when I am back in the apartment so I am POSITIVE that it is something in my apartment that is causing me to have this reaction. Am I allowed to break the lease (and not be responsible for rent until new tenants move in) due to this medical condition?

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See the above question as to bedbugs. Get a Doctor's opinion as to the cause of your problem. Also get witnesses or other proof that if you stay out of the unit, the problem ceases.

If you can do these things, then you have to give the landlord written notice of the problem and an reasonable opportunity to correct it. If he does not or can not fix it, then you can give him written notice that you are considering yourself "constructively evicted" and are breaking the lease and will no longer be responsible for the unpaid rent.