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Can I break a lease due to bedbugs?? I live in PA.

Cranberry Township, PA |

Last July 2011, I started developing red rashes all over my body for no known reason. They were huge, red welts that would itch badly. After seeing my PCP and being treated with antihistamines, the welts continued. My PCP didnt know what the problem was. After a few weeks, I saw another doctor who again, was perplexed with my symptoms. I was told to continue on antihistamines. In sept, I discovered what appeared to be a bedbug on my cats bed. I was told by mgmt, someone would stop by. Long story, short, by Dec. we finally had ERLICH do a complete extermination of the building. I havent been able to sleep in months. Im so scared and traumatized by this. Do I have a right to leave without any consequences?

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Your landlord responded to your complaint by performing an extermination. You didn't say whether the extermination was successful, but I assume that this is the case or you would have mentioned it.

I understand your fear, but your landlord has done what is required of him under Pennsylvania law. Unless your symptoms have returned, I suggest that you look for a new place when the lease expires and give proper notice. Check your lease to see if there is any provision that would enable you to leave early. You may find that you can do so with proper notice and payment. But make sure you have somewhere to move before you give notice.

Clifford L Tuttle, Jr
Attorney at Law
Pittsburgh, PA

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I understand that. However, I reported this for 3 months before anything waS even done. Mgmt told me that i had brought these bedbugs when in fact, ive lived here for almost 4yrs with NO problems. When i asked if there were any other complaints, i was told that this was an isolated incidence. But upon further investigation on my part, ALONE, I found that the tenants below me had been having problems with bedbugs for months!!! Village of Laurelwood lied to me over and over again. It actually took me making close to 100 signs and posting them on every single apmt unit in each bldg before there was ANY ACTION!! Only when ERLICH came was i told that there were 4 apmt units that were COMPLETELY INFESTED whereas my apmt unit, they found NOTHING!! I cannot believe how unfairly I have been treated, and then for mgmt to blame it on me when it was NOT MY FAULT!!

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