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Can I become a Real Estate Salesperson with an OWI on my record?

Rochester, MI |
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Your driving privileges should be fully restored by this point, so I believe it really depends on the policies of the particular real estate company with whom you are applying. I would respectfully recommend you fully disclose the OWI to any potential employers, lest they pull your driving record and find out later and maybe fire you for the non-disclosure. I wish you all the best of luck. Warmest regards, Matt Catchick. If you do not have your real estate broker license yet, you may want to call the licensing bureau and see what impact, if any, the OWI from 2010 will have on your ability to get a broker license now.


You need to be a licensed salesperson for 3 years, with at least 6 transactions per year to become a licensed real estate broker. Information to become a licensed real estate salesperson is as follows:

To obtain a real estate license you're going to need to take a course from an accredited Michigan School of real estate, pass the State exam, and apply for a real estate license. On your license application they ask you if you have ever been convicted of any misdemeanor offenses, and if you have you have to fill out a criminal history affidavit.

On the affidavit they're generally looking for crimes that would effect your honesty and integrity. Crimes of perjury, fraud, etc. are much more indicative of your ability to be a good realtor, comply with the laws of the State, and handle client's money properly. That is what they are looking for.

FWIW, in terms of full disclosure, I pled guilty to an OWI over 10 years ago when I was 23. I obtained my salesperson license shortly thereafter (approximately 3 years later), and I am now a licensed broker. To the best of my knowledge the OWI offense had little to no effect on my ability to get a real estate license.


An OWI should not prevent you from becoming a licensed realtor. However, some Brokers will not hire a realtor with an OWI convidtion. Be careful with whom you apply.

So there is no misunderstanding, this answer does not create an attorney/client relationship and you cannot presume that I am your lawyer or that my advice can be relied upon in any way other than for information only. You will not become my client unless and until you retain me.

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