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Can I become a Licensed Social Worker in South Carolina with 3 misdemeanor DUIs?

Rock Hill, SC |

I was convicted of three misdemeanor charges of Driving Under the Influence in NC/SC six years ago all in a span of one year. Since then, I have completed a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in criminal justice while working full-time. and staying clean and sober. I would like to be a substance abuse counselor and obtain my Master of Social Work. However, I am hesitant to spend the time and money acquiring this degree if ultimately I will be denied licensure. Can anyone offer sound advice as to whether this would be a worthwhile endeavor or an exercise in futility?

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Here in MN, many of the licensed practitioners who perform chemical dependency treatment/counseling and social work have backgrounds like yours. I think there is value in having someone who has "been there" when it comes to helping others. It's a good idea to check with your state licensing board and speak to a few people in that profession to get their opinion, as the DUI convictions aren't going away. Good luck!


You don't have a problem in the DUI category -- you have a problem in the professional licensing or administrative law category. Its important to have the right attorney for your problem! Most attorneys who practice in this area practice in your state capital.


I am not sure you are in the right area, but I will offer a few tips. First, you can contact the licensing authority and ask their advise. I would completely disclose my record. Since you are clean and sober, I believe you are good candidate for that type of job. If none of the convictions are felonies than that will be helpful. It may be that you will have to write a letter or appear before a panel. I think this is pretty standard to explain your criminal history. Hope this helped.