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Can I be terminated for using vacation days that I am eligible for according to my employee handbook?

New Rochelle, NY |

I am considered an " at will" employee. I just put in for my vacation days ( as one of my benefits as outlined in my employee handbook). HR informed me that it values "loyal" employees and as such, I should reconsider using vacation days. I took this as veiled threat of termination. Do I have any rights in this matter? My family has been under a lot of stress of late and can really use a vacation, but I also do not want to jeopardize my employment.

Addendum: I am employed in the state of Connecticut

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I'm so sorry this is happening to you! I would talk to an employment attorney in your area because it seems as if they are trying to build a case against you to eventually fire you. You should protect yourself going forward. Most employment attorneys will do a free consultation and you can find one here on Avvo. Good luck!


If you are "at will", you can be terminated in New York for any reason absent discrimination, etc. For Unemployment Insurance purposes, you will not be entitled for benefits if the DOL determines if your quitting was without compelling cause.