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Can I be sued for back child support

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I found out I had a daughter when she was 9 yrs old. The decided that they didn't need to tell me about her until she was old enough to ask about me. When I found out I was married with a child on the way. The grandmother had taken custody of the child from the mother. When we met with her she did not want to share in custody, set-up visitations, etc. nor did the child and at the age of 9 we thought it was best to leave everything alone. I had her added onto my insurance (the only thing the grandmother asked for) and kept in contact by phone. I have never had any parental rights her entire life. Now she is 19 and living with her boyfriend. Her grandmother has threatened that if we do not pay for some of her current bills she is going to sue us for back child support. I am very con

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When you say the grandmother took custody, do you mean she raised the child or that your parental rights were terminated by a court? If there was a termination, you don't owe child support. If your rights were not terminated you can be sued for back child support by your DAUGHTER not the grandmother. The sue can be brought any time before your daughter's 21st birthday.