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Can I be served the same summons twice?

Seattle, WA |

I received a summons from a law office regarding a debt collection and responded with a demand that they file with the courts. It stated in section 4 of the original summons that I could make such a demand and that if they did not file with the court within 14 days, the summons would be void. I just received a second, identical, summons and there is still no case number. They have not apparently filed with the courts. Can they continue to send me summons for the same exact issue, and if so, how should I answer?

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They could conceivably go about this until the statute of limitations runs out, but I wouldn't expect them to. For information on how to answer a complaint for debt collection, go to the link below. If you dispute the debt or are unable to pay it, you should meet with an attorney.


If by "send" you mean that the summons is being delivered through the postal mail, service may not be proper as the service of most summons must be done in person, not through the mail.

Debt collectors must abide by specific regulations. You can check whether this debt collector is in compliance of the law. Noncompliance exposes the debt collector to being sued by you.

You should review your specific facts with your attorney to find out your legal options.