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Can I be sent back to jail?

Pittsburgh, PA |

I was sentenced to house arrest on sept. 9 2013 for 1 year. I was released from jail on oct. 29 2013. Can I be sent back to jail for no having a house yet. I got out and goy a job 5 days after I got out.

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Attorney answers 3


There seems to be something missing from the background stated. If you were sentenced to house arrest in early September, why did you remain in the ACJ until October 29, 2013. I strongly recommend that you speak privately with counsel to enable someone to help you avoid returning to the jail. Good luck.


I agree with Mr. Jones; something isn't right here. I suggest you contact the attorney who represented you at sentencing to clarify the conditions of the house arrest portion of your sentence.


Did they parole you to live on the street? You have no place to live? The answer is they can send you back to jail. The real question is will they? You should speak with your attorney about your circumstance and how to deal with it.