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Can I be responsable for a wrondoing of a tenant if I am the landlord of the bussiness premises where she has a beauty salon?

Los Angeles, CA |

I have received a notice from a lawyer that he is planing to sued me and the owner tenant of the beauty salon

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It depends what the wrongdoing is. If she has created a nuisance or has created a hazard outside her unit, and you knew or should have known of the problem, then you could be. On the other hand, if she injured someone by negligently styling that person's hair, then no. If she created a hazard inside her shop, probably not, even though you may have known about it.

Refer the letter to your insurance company immediately.


Yes, there are certain circumstances wherein you as the landlord might be responsible. It depends upon the facts of the alleged wrongdoing. Your post does not indicate what the claim is.

You should tender the claim letter to your insurance carrier.

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I agree with my colleagues. In addition, you should review your lease. Hopefully, your lease provides that: (i) your tenant must have broad form general business liability insurance, (ii) the tenant must name you as an additional insured; and (iii) whether or not the tenant has insurance, the tenant must and defend and (iii) indemnify you in the event of a claim arising from the tenant's use or occupation of the premises. Thus, you should also consider tendering the claim to your tenant and the tenant's insurer ASAP.