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Can I be put on a curfew and made to wear a GPS ankle monitoring device without being convicted of a crime or even having my day

High Point, NC |

I was arrested because the police believe they have probable cause that I committed a robbery no evidence was ever collected from my house or person I believe some one has just made a claim that I committed such and act I bonded out of jail and the police department asked the judge could they put a GPS monitoring ankle bracelet on me and give me a 7pm to 6am curfew how can this be legal what ever happen to due process like for one Im innocent, have to pay all this money to prove so and second I havent even had my day in court yet I feel as tho my civil rights are being violated.

I have no record other then a fight i was in with a guy back in 2003 in NY I live in NC now it was a A class misdemeanor started off as a felony charge then got bumped down I was told that this wouldnt be on my record by the judge because of my age every time I have done a background check for a job or what ever it never shows the district attorneys office always fish it up when ever I have to go to court for something after they do some digging but the case specifics don't ever show clearly and they'll state that in court so they try to go off the first initial classification that being the felony charge to try and make me look bad but I know without a doubt that I am not a felon I've held quite a few contract jobs for the military and countless other places that wouldn't allow it.....other then that my driving record consist of a few driving while license revoked charges but I never had a license to begin with

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Unfortunately for you, the truth is that they can put these pre-trial restrictions on you. Did you have an attorney when they decided this? You should consider hiring an attorney for a bond hearing. You may be released from thy requirement, however this is a very fact intensive situation. I suggest you speak to an attorney immediately.



No, I had no attorney present during the bond hearing the judge asked if I would like a public defender I told her that I will be hiring attorney she then began to reduce my bond thats when an officer jumped in asked on behalf of the Greensboro police department can they slap a monitoring device on me witch the judge allowed I made bond the next day and I am now seeking legal advice and or attorney to represent me.


Guilford county uses the Gps device as a condition of pretrial release for certain serious crimes. You may petition to remove it, but you may be subject to posting a higher monetary bond in exchange. Most clients prefer the ankle bracelet in lieu of confinement in jail or a high bond.



understandable being that my bond began at 95k and was reduced to 20.

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