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Can I be put in jail for having hot U.As when iam on pretrial

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I was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both. Am on pretrial an all my UAs were hot my levels went down an went back up. I haven't been smoking. But if I continue to have hot UAs can I be put in jail.haven't been convicted of any charges

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You absolutely can. Your Pretrial Services Case Manager will send a report to the District Attorney notifying them of your hot UA's and the District Attorney will file a Motion to Revoke Bond. If this happens you will be arrested and a new bond will be set in your case. If your bond is revoked in Weld County and a new bond is set it is usually twice the amount of the original bond.

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Yes, the DA can file a Motion to Revoke your Bond, assuming that you are on bond, and ask that you be remanded to jail. It might also be a condition of your bond for you not to consume any alcohol.

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Yes. Retain a local counsel at once given your developments that affect your present cases negatively.

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