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Can I be present for the supervised visits between my husband and my kids?

Bellflower, CA |

I have a restraining order against my husband because of the abuse to my children, not me. On the restraining order it says we cannot have any contact (all of us) EXCEPT: Brief and peaceful contact with me, and peaceful contact with children as required for court-ordered visitation of children. However it is a professionally supervised visit. I'm not familiar with this whole process.

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This is impossible to answer for sure without seeing your restraining order paperwork. However, usually the "brief and peacuful contact" condition includes just that only: brief contact. Normally the point of professional supervision for visits is that the other party to the restraining order is not present. Only the parent having the visit, and the professional supervisor are present. The point is to protect the protected party on the restraining order.

I'm curious that you say you have the restraining order. If YOU have the order against your husband, then YOU are the main protected party. If you meant instead to file a restraining order ON BEHALF OF your children (as their guardian ad litem), that is a different thing. At this point you should not be present during the supervised visits, but you can get a new court date and seek to have the issue cleared up.