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Can I be Padlocked if I was never served Writ of Possession in Charlotte NC

Charlotte, NC |

I was served Summary Ejectment but I was not served the Writ of Possession by the Sheriff.
I believe they have the wrong name and address on the Writ. Can I still be Padlocked?

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Attorney answers 1


Possibly yes. You should call Legal Aid or another attorney for assistance. You said you were served with the original summary ejectment forms. The writ is served using the same address. The Sherriff's office will serve the writ, but attempting to personally serve you but if it is not home, they simply post it on your front door...where it can potentially fall down, blow away, or get taken by a neighbor.

If it was posted and the deputy reports that it was posted, then you can be padlocked. If the deputy did not post it, then no you can't. But if you lost the summary ejectment, then all you would be fighting for is a little more time.