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Can I be held responsible for a check I didn't write? The check bounced.

Hendersonville, NC |

My BF's daughter wrote a check to a dealership in Ohio for repairs on my acct(it's an estate acct for my Mom, I'm the administrator) and now after doing some research I find I could be held responsible for this check even though I didn't write it? There wasn't enough money i nthe acct to cover the check. I've filed a police report and when I get to the bank location(I live about 8 hrs away from where the estate is being probated) I will file an affidavit if the banks allows it.
What can I do and can I be held responsible for this check even though I didn't write it? The check was for 1500 dollars. Thank you for advice.

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The best thing to do is to call your bank, almost every bank has a fraud division. Tell them you filed the police report (give them a copy if they want it) and that you never authorized that check. See what they say.

If that doesn't work then consult with a debt collection or civil litigation attorney, they would be the best bet for knowing more about that particular issue.

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