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Can i be granted divorce and live in the same residence as my ex husband?

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My husband and i are going through a divorce. However we are both currently living in the same residence with our 2 minor kids. The divorce will be finalized next month. I was a stay at home mom and i haven't found a job since i filed for divorce therefore i still live in the same residence. my question is in regards to child support and parenting plan. If i tell the judge that i will be staying in the same residence with my ex husband until i can afford to move and have my own place u think she would grant me the divorce or will she postpone it until i find somewhere to go. What would be the implications of the child support i requested and other parenting plan? My ex husband wouldn't have a problem with me staying there

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Not an immigration question. Please post for family law attorneys


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Yes u can get divorced and live in same house.