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Can I be forced to take a paternity test if another man is listed as the father on the child's birth certificate?

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I live in North Carolina and just before the baby was born the mother moved to Virginia, last I heard the mother had moved to Florida. So I'm not sure which state's laws would apply. The mother and I were intimate around the time of conception, but she was also with at least one other person as well. The child was born around the beginning of 2008. From the moment she found out I found out she was pregnant until two to three years after the child was born she adamantly claimed I was not the father and another man and her claimed he was. She at one point called me claiming the child really was mine and kept trying to urge me to sign paperwork acknowledging this legally. I refused because I wasn't sure. I wasn't willing to be a parent then and I'm not now. That was the reason we broke up.

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It might be a bit late for them to challenge paternity, since the child is 5 years old and the birth certificate lists someone else.

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Sounds like the other guy legitimated the child. Your question was whether you can be forced to take a paternity test. You didn't really provide enough procedural background to answer that question. In some situations, the court can order a paternity test. If you receive a Court Order, you better have a lawyer or comply with the order.

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Asking you to step forward is not the same as seeking to compel your involvement in a paternity action. Until the latter happens, as you are not interested in knowing or being a father, leave it alone. Should a paternity action arise, seek counsel.