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Can i be forced to dna test my daughter? Her dad got remarried right after our divorce and now he wants to test our 11 year old.

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Hes been to court and affirmed its his daughter 3 times in court now his new wife is trying to have him disown our kids we also have a 8 year old...I just got a letter to go to court for a dna..After 11 years my daughter is traumatised shes old enough to know what dna means...he lives in california and im in jersey we were fine till he got married..

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You can fight this battle on grounds of "psychological" parenthood with his voluntary actions however you are best suited at least consulting with an attorney.

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Sorry to tell you but he can insist upon a DNA test of you and the child to see if he is the natural father of the child. Of course, if you know she is his daughter, then the DNA test should be of little concern to you since it will also shut up the new wife and prove unquestionably that she is your daughter with him. Once the test is done, that's the end of the entire matter. Only you know one way or the other and I suggest you submit to it and get it behind you.

By the way, even with DNA claiming that someone is the father, I've seen it defeated by a good lawyer.

Good luck.


If the father raises the issue he has the right to a DNA test. I know it can be very tough on a child however you can just blame it on the court . However, if he has "affirmed " his fatherhood in the court he may be barred from now taking a different position . This approach however will need an attorney to sort through the facts.

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