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Can i be forced to be fingerprinted for disorderly conduct

Summit Hill, PA |

while registering my child for kindergarten . the speech therapist at the school forcibly put her hands on my child. my wife came and got me from another area of the gym \. and i went and confronted the speech therapist and asked her if she had any rights to put her hands on my child. after recieving no response i asked again. then i was asked to leave now they are trying to charge me with 4 counts of dosorderly conduct and trying to force me to get fingerprinted

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Unlike the constitutionally protected right to remain silent or the right to representation by an attorney, you do not have a right to refuse to submit to fingerprinting once charged with a criminal offense. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of your other rights by posting no additional statements on a public site (including Avvo, Facebook or Twitter) and retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you in this matter. Good luck.


You are required to be fingerprinted. You should get that done at your earliest convenience. More importantly, you should hire an attorney to dispute the charges.

The above is a general answer but should not be considered specific legal advice for your case. It is in your best interest to contact a qualified attorney to discuss the particular facts of your individual situation.


That varies from state to state, in many states, the law allows it, that doesn't mean the police do it every time for minor arrests, but they have the right to


Yes, any individual arrested will also be fingerprinted.