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Can I be fired because I didn't pass a background check after working for this company 2 years?

Virginia |

I have worked for this company for 2 years and they have recently acquired a new delivery location. This delivery location is needing to do a background check on me before they will let me deliver office supplies to their company. My boss of 2 years has told me that if I fail, I will loose my job. Is this a sufficient reason for firing me?

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I am licensed in Florida and Vermont and cannot comment specifically on Virginia law. However, generally the answer depends on your factual circumstances. If you are covered by a union contract and grievance procedures, you will be subject to those grievance procedures and the union contract. If you are not covered by a union contract or some other specific agreement with your employer as to the reasons for which you might be let go, you are generally considered an employee at will. Employees at will can be fired for any reason, as long as they are not fired for a reason which is protected under various anti-discrimination statutes (age, race, religion, etc.) if you do lose your job, you should immediately file for unemployment insurance.

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