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Can I be extradited from brazil for violating probation in the USA?

Raleigh, NC |

My probation expires in 10 days. My probation officer told me at my last meeting that he was done with me and would not have to see me anymore. Hearing this I flew to brazil thinking I was done with my probation. Today he called to notify me that he forgot to have me sign paperwork to terminate my probation. He wants me to come in immediately to sign but I am out of the country. What is the worst that could happen to me? I plan on getting married In brazil and living here permanently.

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Hire an attorney right now and see if the attorney can fax or email you the documentation for you to sign and get it back to probation. It may save you the cost of a ticket. Stay in contact with your probation officer telling him/her what you are trying to do.

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I believe Brazil does have an extradition treaty with the U.S., so in theory the answer is yes, you could be extradited. The chances of you being extradited are really low, however, given the cost to the government and the kind of crime - DWI. If this were a homicide, then you might be extradited. People are rarely extradited across state lines for DWIs in this country, and almost never across international borders.

However, you do need to resolve this because the Probation Officer may file a violation report listing you as an absconder. That means that when you do return to North Carolina, you could potentially serve the whole suspended sentence on the DWI even though you were just 10 days away from being off probation.

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