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Can i be evicted from my mobile home if i cant afford to pay due to medical reasons?

West Palm Beach, FL |

i live in a mobile home that i rent out and i just recently had spine surgery and im not able to go up any stairs and in order to even go into my place i have to go up 6 stair steps. so im recently living back with my parents until i can recover but i only have 5 months left in my lease. what can i do to get out of my lease before i get evicted??

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Financial hardship and medical disability are not grounds for breaking a lease. Your landlord will have to file an eviction case in county court in order to evict you from the premises. You will need to be careful because if you do not pay rent and you are not in the mobile home, the landlord may assume you abandoned the property and move your belongings out. This is not legal, but a good number of landlords are not aware they still have to file for an eviction.

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