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Can I be evicted for being late 6 days on the rent? Doesn't the landlord have to go to court to evict?

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We have been ideal tenants for months, the rent was always paid on time. This month we were 6 days late and received an email from our landlord to vacate the property in 30 days. We had every intention to pay but now I don't know. Furthermore, we never received a statement from the bank regarding our security deposit. I thought the security deposit was to be deposited into an interest bearing account, am I wrong? We recently found out the landlord has not paid the mortgage since we moved in. 9 month ago.

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Yes is my observation to both questions.


It is not unusual for LL to send default notices after a tenant is late. Contact the LL and find out if all will be well if you pay the rent. As to the LL's failure to pay mortgage, that might be incentive for you to sign a lease for an additional period with your rent "stabilized." After foreclosure, the buyer will be bound by your lease.

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According to NJ Landlord Tennant court rules, if the landlord's reason for eviction is non-payment of rent, if the tennant pay rent plus court cost before or on the day of the hearing, the case will be dismissed. Therefore, in your case, the payment of the rent, even though it is late should prevent the landlord from filing a complaint. The landlord may not evict you prior to filing a complaint and getting a judgment for possession from court.

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