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Can I be convicted of a 242pc battery even if I made no physical contact with the man?

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I was drinking at a local casino, he asked me to leave I thought it was because he thought I cheated he told me he was going to take me to the back and beat me up. when he tried pulling me off my seat I swung and missed by a mile. He called police and said I hit him in the face.

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You can't be convicted of PC 242 (Battery) unless the jury finds that you actually struck him. Since he's saying you hit him in the face, it's possible the jury would find that way even if that didn't really happen.

PC 240 (Assault) does not require actual contact, only an attempt and present ability. So unless you were too drunk to have even possibly hit him, you can be convicted of Assault under the

You do seem to have a good case for self-defense, but should get a good attorney to help you fight these serious charges.


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This is a matter that should go to trial. It will come down to who the jury will believe; will they believe you or the other individual? Were there any independent witnesses? Did you have injuries? Did he have any injuries? Who is bigger?

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This is the type of case we call a "trial candidate." Looks like there are enough facts to test the prosecution and a jury may well acquit you. You cannot be convicted of a battery without physical contact. However, based on the facts you provide, there is a potential charge and conviction for assault and the prosecution may very well ask for an assault instruction to hedge their bets because assault is what we call a "lesser included offense" for battery. You might have a legitimate self defense claim which you would have to prove.

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One thing to consider - this case probably does NOT have to go to trial - I disagree with my fellow attorney's answers (sorry guys).

Why you might be wondering - simple, most casino's have a lot of video. In fact, I know of no casino in the US that is not covered with video - just get hold of the videos - if what you are saying is true, it will probably kill off the case and lead to a dismissal - even if it shows assault, it means the victim "lied" and the DA's office most likely won't want to take it to trial unless they are dumb.

In summary, save yourself the trial, hire a good attorney and have them get the video(s). The goal should be a dismissal (possible even a motion for factual finding of innocence) the easiest way possible - the trial is the hard way.

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