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Can i be charged with theft if theres no evidence

La Marque, TX |

i was a store manager and was called and told there were 2 deposits laying in an old safe. the deposits ewere from 5 months ago and were written off as a loss. i took the deposits along with another and took them to the bank. the next day my loss prevention supervisor questioned me and said i didnt take all 5 of the deposits. i told him i took 3. which i did..there werent 5 deposits to begin with. i looged 3 deposits not 5. but my assnt manager told him i took 5. they have me on tape walking out and coming back with the deposit carrying bag. but not walking out with 5 deposits. i wrote a statement about it and they filed a report. a detective called me to set up a meeting between her and can i fight this?

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Attorney answers 2


First thing to do is to hire yourself an attorney before ever considering speaking with any law enforcement officer. You will be in a much better position by having counsel advocate your position than trying to do it yourself. Good Luck.

P. Darrell Kimbrell


Hire a lawyer. Obviously they do not believe you or they would not have you talking to the detective after giving a written statement. No good can come out of a meeting with the detective, who is going to try to drill you into a confession. Call a lawyer.