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Can I be arrested months after the cops raided my house and found drugs?

Fleetwood, PA |

My house was raided by state police 3 months ago. When they were in the house, they found marijuana and paraphanalia. After they took our information, they left and did not arrest me or my roommates. They simply said that they would stay in contact. Since then, they have made no contact and, when my lawyer called them, they gave reasons stating why they would be out of state. My question is, can the cops come back and arrest me months later, and if they do, are they allowed back in my home?

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Attorney answers 1


Yes the police can arrest you months after they recover contraband. Often times if the investigation is ongoing it could be many many months. Since your attorney has made contact with them they will usually contact him and tell them they have an arrest warrant for you and allow him to turn you in. If they have a search warrant they can enter your house again. My guess is that the next thing will be the arrest warrant. Stay in touch with your attorney and continue to seek his or her counsel.