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Can I be arrested for not responding or not showing up to court for a debt collection lawsuit

Baytown, TX |

what happens when you are sued and do not show up for court? WILL I BE ARRESTED ?

what will happen if you pay the contractor in full and he only does half of the job he had to stop because of the weather he says

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In Wisconsin, if it is a civil matter, the court may enter a default judgment against you in the amount claimed within the complaint, or proven by the plaintiff in a damages hearing.

If it is a criminal matter, a bench warrant will be issued by the judge for your arrest.

Here are some links with additional info for Texas:

You are better off to appear and make a statement of your case! Best of luck to you. Check out the guide on my Avvo profile on how to represent yourself in a trial.


In Florida, it depends on what stage of the litgation you are in. For instance, if you don't show up for the civil trial (and this answer assumes that this is a consumer debt), then the matter goes undefended and you will probably just get hit with a judgment. If, however, the debt collector is trying to collect on the judgment, and has asked the court for an order requiring you to appear and submit to discovery in aid of execution (to discovery what assets you have) , and you fail to obey the court order to appear, then the court has the ability to issue a writ of bodily attachment, which basically directs the sheriff to go pick you up and bring you before the court. But that is only if you keep violating Court orders. Just not showing up for the trial will not get you arrested. Moreover, not being able to pay the claim will not get you arrested either. It is when the Court has directed you to do something and you willfully refuse, that's when you get into hot water.


In Texas, if you were properly served with the court papers, if you don't answer or appear, a default judgment will be taken against you. You will not arrested.

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