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Can I be a nurse with 2 dui's?

Dayton, OH |

I am a nursing student in Ohio and I have 2 previous dui's from almost 4 years ago. I had just turned 21 and was making some really bad decisions. I have completely turned my life around. My school has told me that the decision would be up to the Ohio Board of Nursing. I will graduate with my LPN in December and I am just now starting to get really nervous. Would it be a good idea to have my attorney help me with my letter to them about my charges?

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I would suggest that you contact specific members of your Ohio Board of Nursing and ask them directly. They will provide better assistance, since they are in the industry which you looking to join, and have gone through the same application process. An attorney probably won't be of much assistance to you, since this is a decision that your state's board will be making on their own. That being said, you may want to at least speak to a few. Some advice from attorneys probably can't hurt, but my guess is that the ultimate decision is going to be made by your state's board independent of what an attorney has to say.

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DUi is not an automatic bar to getting a license but you may have issues when it comes to the character side of licensure.
Here is a website from the nursing board for Ohio that indicates what affects your license. I would suggest your and your attorney putting together a fact sheet and what happened with the outcome of each case so that you can show that to the board if necessary. Good luck.

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As pointed out, the convictions will no bar you from becoming a nurse. There are many licensed professionals that have been licensed with multiple alcohol or substance related convictions on their record. The board will be interested in what you current status is with respect to alcohol and substance abuse. They will be interested in any treatment you underwent and what steps you have taken to insure that you are not at risk of repeating that type of conduct. Having an attorney assist you with your application would be helpful. But I can't say writing a letter on your behalf is beneficial. The board is interested in what you have to say, not your attorney. Once mistake that some people make is they try minimize their conduct. You should be forthright in your personal statement that you understand that the alcohol convictions could be a reason for concern. Then explain how you have changed and what is different about you 4 years later, and why they should not worry about you repeating the same conduct.