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Can i b charged with DWI

Kinston, NC |

i was in a wreck which was not my fault someone ran a stop sign an hit me my neck was broken in the accident also . the officer comes to my hospital room stands around for a few minutes hears Dr tell me my neck was broken then blows me an walks away from my bed then tells me as of now i am being charged with DWI then i ask to be blown again cause something want right nor did he let me see the results so he blew me again i told him theres no way his test was accurate then he says that test didn't matter he takes my license out of my property an put on citation i refused test then i was transported to another hospital where i find out i also had a artery dissection in my neck an was gone to need surgery

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Noe enough facts to answer. Obtian a defense lawyer ASAP. They can prove the charge in other ways such as BAC tests, under cerrtain conditions. And you may have defenses. Good luck.

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Sorry to hear about your injuries, and I hope that your prognosis is good. As for the DUI, the fact that somebody else hit you does not absolve you of the charges. However, the circumstances under which the cop questioned you and then arrested you are unusual. I'd suggest hiring a local DUI attorney. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


You can be charged. The real question is can you be convicted? You need to consult with an experienced DWI attorney to go over all of the evidence as well as possible defenses. Good luck.


First, this is the greatest post I have ever seen on avvo. Second, neither blow is going to be admissible in court. They have to use an ECIR/II or take your blood. Portable blowing doesn't count.

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If you've been given a citation, you have been charged with DWI. Whether you can be convicted based on the evidence the officer gathered and whether it is admitted at trial is now your primary concern.

An officer can attempt to gather evidence while at the hospital. The portable breath test he had you blow into is not admissible at trial to prove your actual Blood Alcohol Content, but it may be admissible to indicate that your breath was "positive" or "negative" for alcohol. Since he charged you, the officer will likely testify that he administered the PBT and you tested "positive" for alcohol. That alone is not enough to prove the per se requirement of having a BAC of .08 or greater, but it may be enough to convince a judge or jury that you were "appreciably impaired" under the statute.

Since you were in the hospital, it is likely that the hospital drew blood at some point. The State may seek to obtain that blood from the hospital. The officer might also have requested a blood draw from which he intends to gather evidence of your per se impairment. Someone will ultimately have to analyze that blood and test it and results of your BAC should be available. You have a right to confront witnesses against you under the 6th Amendment. There is favorable caselaw that says you have a right to have the analyst present to testify at trial. Talk to an attorney in your area about these rights and determine the best way for you to prevail.

There are several issues that require thorough and detailed analysis in your case. You need to speak to an experienced DWI attorney in your area and make sure all the issues have been considered. Blood cases are highly complex. The consequences of a DWI can be severe. Seek qualified assistance.

Best of luck to you in your case and in your recovery.