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Can i assume ownership of marijiuana somebody else is being charged with posession of sales for found in a raid in our house

Moreno Valley, CA |

my boyfriend and i in a raid from moreno valley pd were both arrested and charged with the same thing posession of sales of 16.9 grams of marijuana. i was charged with under the influence also i was told if i plead guilty to under the influence that they were going to drop all other charges. now i specifically told the police that anything found inside of the house belong to me. well my man went to court and they didnt drop the same charges on him as they did for me. the marijuana belonged to me not to him but they dropped my charges and not his now he has a trial date cause he refuse the 3 year probation and 300$fine

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What's your question here? If "man" wants to go to trial, it's his right to call you as a witness in his defense. Or to testify in his own defense. Or both. If you choose to do so, you may testify under penalty of perjury that it was your marijuana and he had no possessory interest in it. If the jury finds your testimony credible, he may be found not guilty. He may have other possible defenses, such as possession but no intent to sell. Or even possession of less than an ounce with the intent to furnish to someone else for free (a misdemeanor). I would hope that he has an attorney that is familiar with the potential defenses to this crime. If so, that attorney is certainly in a better position to answer your "question" than anyone here.

That's pretty much what the criminal justice system is about. A defendant is charged with a crime. The prosecutor is obliged to prove the defendant guilty of this crime beyond any reasonable doubt. If the defense raises a reasonable doubt as to the defendant's guilt, the defendant should be found not guilty. Hopefully this concept is not news to the average American citizen...

Keep in mind that you can be charged with a felony if you tell people that you possessed marijuana with the intent to sell it. Hopefully you'll seek the advice of an attorney before you step up to help your "man."

Any statements I make in these forums (fora?) should not be taken as direct legal advice, merely informed guidance. This is true due to the anonymous nature of this venue, and the incomplete information which is invariably provided by the questions. It is imperative that you consult directly with an attorney regarding your specific situation before acting on or relying on anything represented here. Period.


I don't discern a question out of this but he needs an a attorney. He may have defenses, you might testify. etc. Discuss it with his attorney.



if my charges were exactly identicle because we were co- defendants can they charge me again with possession of sales even though they had dismissed my case on my arraingnment if i claim ownership of the weed that was never intended for sales and was in fact for pesonal use only for me..


I wonder if one of two things happened here:1) he copped to it being his, before your or/and 2) he has a prior record?

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