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Can I ask the Respondent to testify during my show cause hearing?

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I have called for hearing on my Motion for Rule to Show Cause, due to the other party's refusal to follow Court orders (sanctions already ordered and other party is still refusing to comply). I am representing myself during this hearing. I feel I have a very solid argument, everything is documented. I just need to approach this the right way.... is it routine to call the other party to the stand during a show cause hearing? If I can do that, I can either get the other party for perjury or contempt (jail). Hopefully that will get the other party to comply. This is a highly contested custody modification case lasting over 3 years. The other party and I are both unrepresented as of recently. I've spent $30k and am run dry due to the other party's refusal to cooperate. Thank you!

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If you are both pro se, the Court may allow questions from each side to the other or just be the one asking all the questions, really depends on judicial discretion here. If you ask for an opportunity to cross examine a witness, the Court will typically agree but know the same thing would apply for the other side.


yes I agree you should call your ex to the stand to testify. Contact my office for free consultation. 727-446-7659.

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