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Can i ask the judge if i can finish my case in jail to pay off my fees.1 is 4 dui school the other is 4 the blood test.

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I have already finished all my other requirements for my case ex:fines,classes,community services.I finished the dui class but havent paid yet cause im unemployed and have no way of paying.At north las vegas detention i know they get $75 a day, everyday your there.I owe $260 still and dont want to go back to jail over something so minor as fees.They said it cant be worked off on the work program so I thought this maybe my only option to close out my case is by serving some time to compensate for the fees.Also how would I go about asking the judge about it. When I went for arraignment I signed a paper giving up my right to counsel, so I represented my self.

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I suggest you go back to court and ask to see the Judge, through a court officer or the clerk's office. Then ask the same question you asked here and ask if you can go back to jail to pay off your fines. Most Judges will understand and either put you in jail or forgive the fines so it doesn't cost the county even more to house and feed you while your presence in jail pays the fees set by the county - through the Judge.

One thing that is interesting is you waived counsel at arraignment. Did the Court ask you to do that or did you do it on your own? That is a very important question and it concerns me if they allowed you to proceed without an attorne instead of assigning Legal Aide or the Public Defender's office. I'd like to know this for future reference because it sounds inappropriate.

Good luck.

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Go to the clerk's office (early) and have your matter put on calendar. Explain your situation to the Judge and he will advise of your options as to paying off your debt.

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