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Can I ask the court to postpone my final divorce hearing for 6 months?

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I have a final hearing on my divorce a week from now. I entered a default against my husband, however my husband has pleaded with me to give us another chance at our marriage.

I don't want to cancel the process, but I would like to delay or postpone the final hearing for 6 months. I want to see if he has changed and if it can work. Can I postpone it? And what is the process or term used for asking for this extension?

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Yes, you can postpone your trial. You need to immediately file a Motion to Abate Proceedings Pending Marital Counseling. It's not a standard form. Most judges will give you ninety days to go through counseling to try and save the marriage.

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It's not just him that has to change in order to make your marriage work, it is both of you. Marriage counselling only works if you have a good counselor and both of you work hard at bringing about the necessary changes in your relationship.

I have all too often heard one spouse say that they have tried everything to save the marriage, but in reality they are expecting the other to be a perfect spouse. The secret to maintaining a long-term relationship is not in finding the right person to be married to but in "being" the right person to be married to.


Yes, just ask the court to continue the hearing and reset it at a later date.


Most Courts will happily postpone or "continue" the hearing when both sides agree. Should you decide to pursue reconciliation, please use a well respected marital counselor. If reconciliation does not come to pass, hopefully the counselor will assist you towards a peaceful separation.

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