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Can I ask the court to move my court date to an earlier date?

Springfield, MA |

I have to appear in court next month but wanted to get a court date before June 27 because I have summer school and was told I cannot miss any days for ANY reason, even a court date. If I do, I will not be able to graduate in August. Is there a way to get the court to change my date if I go in person on monday when they open?

The court date is for a misdemeanor for petty larceny.

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Hello there,

You need to hire an attorney to handle your case for you.

Your attorney can file a speedy trial motion and may be able to come to an agreement with the prosecutors and the court to have your case set at an earlier date.


Erick Platten



I have a public defender. Can I have him do that, or do I need a private attorney?

Philip W. Mason

Philip W. Mason


Yes - your public defender can make a motion to continue to a later date, and perhaps a motion to advance to an earlier date.


You can motion the court to advance your case. If you have an attorney already, have this attorney file to the motion to advance on your behalf. You may also consider continuing the court date to a later date in August, post graduation. If you try to do this yourself, make sure you state in detail the reasons you need to advance or continue the case. Note that if you are already represented by a lawyer, the court will tell you to have your lawyer file this motion for you.

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Any time you go to court you should have an attorney.

You can go to the clerks office and ask for a motion to move the court date.

Make sure you let the ADA know you want to move the date.

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