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Can I ask for a horse or livestock monthly rental fee?

Myrtle Creek, OR |

my rental fee allows the renter to have 1 dog, 1 horse; but now they want a second horse (stallion), a cow and a pig. can I charge pasture rental fee if I put it in writing as a 30 day notice for each animal? we are on a month to month rental fee with clause that states changes can be made if given proper notice.

there are 10 acres fenced pasture that surround the rental unit.

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I would expect that you would want to split out separate leases for the residential tenancy and (semi-) commercial pasture, which I think is what you're suggesting. There are a lot of technical limits on what you can do as a landlord for a residence, including "pet fees" that aren't applicable to non-residential leases. You'd be best served by taking the documents you have and your specific situation to your attorney.

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