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Can I as a non atty file a motion to reinstate bond for my hubby? His PD won't, but bonding co is filed their pt. what do I do?

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He is in Tx jail and is very sick having dozens of seizures and needs a specialist quickly. He is in on an order of arrest (dirty urine), and been locked up for that for 40 days. Where do I go and what do I do as I know I can file this motion for him. The bonding co has already done their part and I dropped off the letter okaying his reinstatement by them to his PD. But the PD thinks my husband is faking all these seizures and doesn't want to fight for him. This is a human life that is in jeopardy how can anyone be so callus? He has plenty of documentation showing that he;s been having seizures for a few yrs now. So tell me someone what do I do to prepare this motion and where does it get taken? This is a case within District Court of M&D of C/S a Felony 1. Thanks for any help. God bless u

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I certainly understand your frustration and concern--you are trying to help your husband after all. Unfortunately, this is one thing you cannot do for him. It is considered practicing law without a license.


No. As a non-attorney you cannot file pleadings in Court.


By PD, do you mean Public Defender or court apppointed attorney? Try talking with them abouit asking the Court for reinstatement. If your husband tested positive for drugs while on bond and the Court ordered him to jail, he may be stuck with that for duration of the case, or as long as the judge requires. If he needs to see the doctor while in custody, you can speak to the facility where is he being held. Try and be patient and courteous. It is frustrating but you will get farther by being nice.


A non lawyer filing such a motion will be committing the crime of practicing law without a license.
I agree with wise counsel's advice above, in addition, the jail where he is housed is under an obligation to treat him and should have a doctor seeing him.