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Can I apply for Obama's Differed Action ( Dream Act )?

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I have had a clear record all my life until I was caught for the first time stealing a DvD at charge was about $14.00 and I was charged with shoplifting misdimeaner 1..I had no ID with me so they couldnt release me. so they had to take me to jail. from jail I was then sent to ICE since I'm indocumented..ICE later the next day let me go because I was a DREAMER that had all the requirements needed to apply for the refferred action obama made..but now I have a criminal record .the judge dismissed the charge , later I paid my $250.00 tikcet..can i apply for differed action?!?!! i'm 19 years old

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Yes, you can apply for DACA (not the "DREAM" Act which never passed), if you otherwise meet all its requirements. Consult privately wth an immigration lawyer in your area.

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thank you for the help Giacomo Jacques Behar..this really helped

Giacomo Jacques Behar

Giacomo Jacques Behar


My pleasure! Good luck to you. Giacomo


I agree with my colleague.

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1. Obama's action is a policy and not a law. It is not an Act.

2. Obama's policy does not provide immigration status. It only prevents qualifying individuals from being deported and may provide them with a work permit.

3. There are serious risks in applying as it can be terminated as early as January 2013 if Mr. Romney is elected President.

You should retain an experienced immigration lawyer, whether myself or one of my colleagues, to review all the facts, advise you, and handle the case.

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