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Can I apply for disability while I am still working? I still have to pay my monthly bills.

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Thank you so much Mr. Lewis for answering my question concerning possibly qualifying for disability. I do work I always return to work withing a week post op surgeries. Including the spinal fusion and shoulder impingement surgery which I actually went back in 5 days. I cant afford to not work so I am struggling daily at work. I wondered if I could apply for the disability if I am working or do I have to be completely quit from a job in order to apply. It would be extremely hard to quit while you still have to pay your monthly bills. Any advice and if I can I will apply on line if it is possible to do that while im working.

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Working full time will usually preclude getting Social Security benefits. There are some exceptions (such as work done in a sheltered workshop or as a patient in a hospital). But if you are performing a job that involves significant physical or mental activities, even if it is part-time, Social Security may decide it shows you are not disabled. Social Security will not evaluate your medical problems if you work and it is what they call "substantial gainful activity" or SGA. Another measure of SGA is the amount of money you earn. For non-blind individuals, the monthly SGA amount for 2010 is $1000. Does this mean that you can earn less than SGA and still be found disabled? It depends on the other definition of SGA...whether your work is significant and done for profit.


It is a very difficult situation for you, especially since it can take SS up to 2 years to get to your case. You might want to get the doctor reports explaining how you cannot engage in substantial Gainful Activity and go from there. If you can plan how you can live during the time your application is pending, you might be approved on the record. In order to be approved on the record, you will need these reports from your doctors which CLEARLY show you cannot engage in SGA.

I hope this helps.

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