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Can i apply for DACA if I have been arrested with DWI in Minnesota but only got charged with Careless Driving?

Miami Beach, FL |
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I think you meant to say arrested for DWI but was only convicted of careless driving? For the FL attorneys you may want to also indicate whether the Implied Consent license revocation, if any, remained on your driving record. Hopefully this will help them answer this question for you. Good luck.

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I believe you are referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) application, and if so, you should direct this question to an immigration attorney. Repost this question in the immigration section of this website, or use this website to find an experienced local immigration attorney and make some calls for advice and possible representation. Good luck.


To be careful, you should contact an experienced immigration attorney to review your criminal disposition and records because some of the terminology you used seems inaccurate. It is crucial not to get yourself in trouble with immigration if you can prevent it.

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Immigration law is one of the most complex forms of modern law. The various immigration laws and procedures are intricate and changes occur often. For these reasons it is important to have an experienced lawyer with thorough knowledge of each of the stages of an immigration case, including circumstances specific to your country and region.
The old saying "He who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer" continues to hold true for immigration law. Do not let incorrect information from friends, relatives, co-workers, immigration consultants, and notarios hurt your chances to receive immigration benefits that you are entitled to.

Many of the individuals who try to file applications on their own will eventually find that their lack of knowledge regarding immigration rules and regulations can lead to mistakes that are costly in terms of both time and money. These errors may limit an individual’s options, result in a Visa denial, and even result in deportation consequences. If hiring a lawyer becomes necessary later, your mistakes may limit the options that you would have had prior to filing. Many immigration attorneys are also likely to charge you significantly more to clean up a mess that you have created. In many states “notarios” illegally offer their services as immigration consultants but do not have the extensive knowledge or license necessary to complete the immigration process. Beyond violating the law, they also lack the training needed to understand complex legal matters and help you to decide on the best course of action given your specific situation. The USCIS does not recognize these consultants and will not let them represent you in court. In addition, because these individuals are operating illegally, their work is not held to any standard and you will not have the same reliability offered by an attorney.

The immigration process is more than just filling out forms. There are rules, regulations and consequences behind most of the questions asked on the forms. Don’t let a small mistake cause your application to be denied!

An expert immigration attorney will advise you about the most up-to-date laws and regulations concerning changes in immigration law. The attorney should also help you decide the best course of action specific to your situation and thoroughly explain your options to you. When preparing your case and representing you, your immigration attorney should be able to explain why you should be eligible for immigration benefits under current United States immigration law.