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Can i apply for an F1 student visa if I went through the deferred action process in 2013?

Alpharetta, GA |

going to college but paying out of state tuition; would need an F1 to pay in state. am i still eligible to apply for it while living in the US

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Unfortunately the answer is no, you would not be able to apply for an F-1 visa. Deferred Action is not a "status" in the sense that a student visa, tourist visa, or a performer visa would be considered "lawful status". You cannot go from "no status" (i.e. DACA) to "status" (i.e. some visa). Even someone here who had, say, an expired tourist visa would still need to leave the US and reapply for a new visa because their "status" would have expired, and again, you cannot go from "no status" to "status" when it comes to non-immigrant visas. That said, if you left the country, it would likely bar you from reentry, so that wouldn't be advisable either. DACA folks can only access in-state tuition if their state allows, and I'm not currently aware that GA does. That may change though. Best to try and manage as best as you can until your options change. Good luck to you.

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