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Can I appeal the decisions made in my divorce due to the lack of information\representation received from my attorney?

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Issues that I wanted addressed and fought for in trial weren't addressed. I never received notification of my divorce decree. I looked on the court website 2 1/2 months after trial to check status of my divorce and seen decree of dissolution was done a month prior. I left 3 messages for my attorney asking him to explain what I was seeing. 2 weeks later he emailed me copies of my divorce decree. I sent him a message asking how to appeal and he never answered me. I left 3 more messages for him regarding wanting to appeal and finally gave up since he wouldn't get back to me. What if anything can I do? Decree was done last July

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An appeal must be filed within 30 days of he entry of the Decree of Dissolution. Ineffective assistance of counsel is not a basis for an appeal. Your only option now would be to file a CR 60 motion to vacate the decree, which is very difficult to accomplish.

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Your time to lodge a timely appeal has expired.
As other counsel has noted, you have an avenue you can pursue, but you need to carefully consider, with advise of counsel, whether your ability to be successful, if any, makes seeking to vacate the decree a sound move for you.