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Can i apeal a restraining order in florida while im in chicago

Brookfield, IL |

i have six violations in the past all of which have been non violent and its been almost two years since my last violation i now live in another state and the restraining order is making it hard for me to find employment

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There is only a limited time in which you can appeal any conviction. Besides, with 6 violations, what do you think the FL appellate court will do? You should have thought about the consequences of your acts long before now. Perhaps if you contact a really good FL attorney in the county in which your case was heard you might be able to discuss the possibility of sealing or expunging your record. You probably could not do that here, but we do not know what Florida would do.


Contact a Florida attorney.


It's almost certainly too late to appeal an order of this nature, but you might be able to do something else. But the violations of the order are going to be an albatross around your neck. Go talk to a Florida criminal defense attorney and lay out all the facts. Be honest and don't expect miracles.

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When and where are the orders pending?

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