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Can I pursue probation without verdict?

Pittsburgh, PA |

The house I was staying at was raided. I am a student who was living in the dorms last semester, had a lease signed for a house beginning June 1st. Between then I was living at my friend's house, and also my girlfriend's house. Found in the house that was raided was 7lbs of marijuana, xanax, and five ounces MDMA. I was charged with everything possession of the three and intent to deliver marijuana and MDMA. The marijuana and xanax was in a safe and was not mine. I had no contact with it at all. Three ounces of MDMA belonged to me, however, lab tests will confirm that it is not MDMA. I believe it will come up as a synthetic cathinone. A warrant is out for the owner of the marijuana and xanax. I was told those charges will be dropped from me as soon as he confesses to owning them.

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Stop talking. Hire an attorney

Specific legal advice can only be given with full knowledge of all of the facts and circumstances of your situation. Posting a question on this website does not create an attorney-client relationship. All questions you post will be available to the public; do not include confidential information in your question. If you would like to consult with me privately, you may do so by telephone at 215-423-5500.


This is very fact specific. If I was the DA, I would use this against you. Start talking to a lawyer on the phone instead of on a public forum. Good luck!

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You need to stop posting information on a public website like this or anywhere else on the Internet. I'm reading between the lines that you've already talked with police. That was your first major mistake. Your next one will be failing to talk privately with counsel experienced in handling drug cases. Most here, myself included, offer free consultations. Take advantage of that opportunity to avoid making a bad situation wirse. Good luck and remember--no more details.


My colleagues have it right. Stop posting and retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. Good luck.


As my colleagues said, you should stopping so much info on this site. I just Googled the facts you gave and I found news articles about this bust (believe me, 7 pounds of weed is pretty Google-able).

Stop talking to anyone who isn't your lawyer — that includes co-defendants, friends, parents, AVVO, Facebook, or Twitter.

And also? You're not getting Section 17 for this.


You need an attorney. You must not post any information.

All information provided in this comment is intended for informational purposes only and does not, by itself, create an attorney client relationship. Without the benefit a personal consultation to exploe all of the facts of your legal problem, the information in this posting may be inaccurate and for that reason it should not be relied upon. If you wish to consult with an attorney, or have any questions concerning this comment, please feel free to contact our offices through any of the above contact sources.


SHUT UP. Stop posting here, or on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or wherever else. This was a colossally stupid and ill-advised post.

What you should do immediately is hire an attorney to represent you.

Guess what? Prosecutors look on Avvo and know how to use Google. SHUT UP.

This answer is informational only and does not create an attorney client relationship. I am not expressing an opinion on the merits of your case based on the facts above. This is not legal advice. This is free. You pay for legal advice.


You have a right to remain silent. Please use it. Always, unless you are speaking to your retained counsel or public defender attorney.


Yeah, nuff said. Get a lawyer. It will require alot of good old fashion legal work-fighting the case but simultaneosly badgering the DA for a deal for kid with no criminal history. PWV could be possible.

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